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HylaFAX-Client not start after Installation?

Make shure the you have insert hylafaxclient-pro.exe into the DEP list.
Control panel -> system -> advanced system settings -> Performance Settings -> Data Execution Prevention.

How is a fax dispatched?

It is possible to print a document out of every application under Windows. Make sure that the HylaFAX printer is selected. If the document is finished it appears in the fax sending dialogue. After input of a fax number or selecting one from a phonebook click the OK Button, the fax will be send to the HylaFAX server (TM)

How do I provide a form?

The procedure is the same, as dispatching a fax, make sure the form is selected in the fax sending dialogue. Type in the filename (inclusive ending ".tif") and click the OK Button. Now the provided form is available for the next fax.

How do I use a form?

The procedure is the same, as dispatching a fax, make sure the form is selected in the fax sending dialogue. In the preview the fax can be viewed, as it is dispatched.

How dispatch a fax automatically? (no input of fax number)

(only HylaFAX-Client Standard and HylaFAX-Client Professional)

By inserting data fields it is possible to dispatch a fax without the fax sending dialogue. These data fields are inserted directly into the document which is dispatched by the HylaFAX-Client. The HylaFAX-Client filters and removes the data fields. The data fields do not appear on the fax. In the following example a fax is sent to the number 07941/959230 by modem ttyS1 at 2.00 (PM) on 15 November 2003.


The selected character font of the data fields must be Courier 10 and be placed in the head of the document. The transmitting time is always expected in GMT time. If a data field (except faxnumber) is not indicated, then default values are used.

Which data fields are possible?

The following data fields can be used:


All # indications are substitute symbols and must be replaced with appropriate indications.

How do I insert data fields into a document?

The selected character font of the data fields must be Courier 10 and be placed into the head of the document. All data fields must stand among themselves (see above). Except the data field @faxnumber@, no further data fields are necessary to dispatch a fax automatically. These data fields can be used also in the Microsoft(TM) Word(TM) e.g. serial letters.

How do I use the global phonebook?

For the global phonebook the use of a data base which is accessible over ODBC is necessary.

All Database Informations you can set in the database.ini in the directory system of HylaFAX-Client. We tested the following data bases:

Make a new DSN entry in your Windows System and use the Database Dialog in the Preferences of the HylaFAX-Client

How do I create the table for the global phonebook?
(only HylaFAX-Client Standard)

The table must contains 8 columns:
Only the HylaFAX-Client needs these information, the Name of these Fields ist not importantly. All field names of your table are assigned in the database.ini. The following parameters should be set.

UNIQUE (name)

Can I create my own language?

Edit the english.lng from the directory language of HylaFAX-Client in a ascii editor and change all the english words to your prefered language and save the new file yourlanguage.lng in the language directory of the HylaFAX-Client. After you restarted the HylaFAX-Client, you can change to your own language in the language menu.

The format of the language.lng must look like the following line.


All text in [] are comments.

How can I close the inbox or outbox for other users?

To close the inbox for other users, you need a DLL. To see only your faxes in the outbox, you need a DLL. Use to order the DLL.

No fax send dialog.

You must use the Adobe PostScript Printerdriver. You can not use the Windows standard PostScript driver. Look at the Download- and Installationpage.

How do I several faxe arranged to one fax?

Print your Document with the HylaFAX-Client printer, if you see the send dialog, use the Queue Button. If you print your last document fill in the faxnumber and use the OK Button. Now alle jobs arranged to one fax.

CONVERT DOCUMENT: Unable to open shared document file: No such file or directory

Older Versions of HylaFAX Server can have this Problem. On Version 4.2.0 the Problem was fixt. To fix the Problem you can exchange the file tiff2fax in the Directory /bin from HylaFAX Installationsdirectory. Download tiff2fax from